Technology Transformation Data Engineer - Consultant


If you are looking for an employer who values the contribution you can make right from the get-go, as well as offering some great benefits, then you should consider a career at Baringa – a management consultancy specialising in energy & resources, financial services and products & services, in the UK and continental Europe.

Led by a senior management team with a reputation as respected industry thought leaders, you will have exposure to some of the top influencers, policymakers and companies across the European energy, utilities, financial services, telecoms and media sectors, and will be supported by a group of like-minded colleagues who are working at the forefront of the changing landscape of these industries.

These are the reasons people come to us, and these are the reasons they stay.

What will you be doing?

You will apply your data engineering skills directly to our clients’ business challenges across these sectors, working closely with industry specialists, data scientists and architects. You will be involved in a diverse range of projects: helping companies with customer engagement and satisfaction, improving their field force operations and strategy, and developing methodologies to detect non-compliant trades etc.

“I am currently working with a large international client, performing product segmentation and forecasting analysis as part of their supply chain transformation. We are working with a range of techniques and technologies, including machine learning and data visualisation, and are working closely with the client team to understand a complex product portfolio that is experiencing a number of external pressures. (Richard McClay, Manager)


We are seeking a passionate and dynamic individual who is excited by empowering decision making with data, and keen to take an active part in the growth of the company. You will have excellent (structured and unstructured) data engineering skills, experience with constructing robust (batch and real-time) pipelines that collect data from disparate heterogeneous sources to facilitate data analytics and insights/visualisation in production systems. We will be looking for you to develop and apply these skills to support clients with high-value business problems such as consumer analytics, operations optimisation opportunities and risk analytics challenges.

What’s in it for both of us?

What's in it for us?


  • 2+ years’ work experience in a consultancy with client-facing experience.
  • An analytical degree such as computer science, physics, or mathematics, but we will consider anyone with relevant experience.
  • Proven ability to design and maintain robust data pipelines and architecture to meet functional business requirements.

Required skills

  • Working knowledge of relational (SQL) databases in an enterprise environment (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres).
  • Working knowledge of NoSQL databases in an enterprise environment (e.g. Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase).
  • Working knowledge of big data processing platforms in an enterprise environment (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Hive).
  • Working knowledge of productionisation (and scaling) of data solutions, ideally with container based technologies (e.g. Kubernetes / Docker).
  • Programming skills in common data engineering languages (e.g. Scala, Java, Python, SQL) and an understanding of development processes and version control.

Desirable skills

  • Understanding of real-time data streaming/message queues in an enterprise environment (e.g. Kafka, RabbitMQ, Pulsar).
  • Understanding of stream-processing systems (e.g. Spark-Streaming, Flink, Samza, Beam).
  • Understanding of work flow tools (e.g. Oozie, Airflow) and data flow tools (e.g. NiFi).
  • Understanding of cloud vendor specific offerings (e.g. Kinesis, EMR, RDS, Redshift, PubSub, DataProc, BigQuery).
What's in it for you?
Well, it’s up to you. Baringa is what you make it.
  • We invest in you, to ensure you remain the best in the business, through formal training, coaching and mentoring
  • You can talk to anyone in the business. There are no barriers and everyone is accessible, from our Analysts to our Partners
  • We know one size doesn’t fit all and go to great lengths to ensure that people are treated as individuals. We aim to provide the level of support that will meet your personal needs
  • We believe we are a great place to work – but it’s not just us that says that. We have won a spot in the top places to work by the Great Place to Work Institute for the last twelve years

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